Baresamples Terms of Use

BareSamples.com is a music selling platform where sellers post sound licenses for sale for buyers to purchase. These sellers would have to be the exclusive owner of the sounds they put for sale. The goal for this site is to have sellers record an instrumental, their singing, or even a electronic beat mix and put it for sale on BareSamples for other artists to be able to buy and reproduce the sound they buy and be able to legally sell the resulting sound after because they bought a license for it. Another clarification is that this site doesn’t sell songs or even sounds like iTunes does, sellers on BareSamples sell purely sound licenses for other people to use without being liable copyright infringements or having to track royalties. Examples of sound license uses could include reproducing the sound in a commercial, another song, or even in company house music. Due to the nature of this site, copyright infringements are inevitable but BareSamples does everything they can to prevent this by actively searching the database for infractions, having a clear disclaimer to the seller in the upload form, and through having a report button on every sound for users to help out to ensure for a safe and legitimate marketplace. Due to all of this and the fact that BareSamples doesn’t directly sell any sounds on site, BareSamples is NOT liable for any copyright infringements by the seller in any form. At the same time, we are willing to be responsive to anyone who suspects infringements on site and can promise that we will do all that we can to both prevent and destroy infringements. For all copyright infringements on site we will seek to prosecute any offenders to the fullest extent whether it be through PayPal or another source. If a sound is illegally downloaded off of site then the offender gets a sound but zero actual rights or licenses to the sound and, therefore, is 100% liable to legal issues resulting from his/her improper use. For the sellers, they have the option to sell the sound license as Royalty-Free or Other. Royalty-Free is the classic sound license which enables the buyer to be able to use the sound in any way they would like without having to pay royalties or worry about legal issues. The only exception for Royalty-Free licenses is the buyer cannot sell the sound exactly how he bought it. The “Other” option gives the seller the ability to describe his own custom license where he/she can detail all of the individual rights to be for sale. Buying a license for a sound gives Royalty-Free rights to the one buyer alone, the buyer cannot let someone else use the sound license in any manner. If a buyer finds himself in legal trouble because of a sound bought off BareSamples then he/she should contact us and we will give you all of the contact info provided by the seller. BareSamples.com is not responsible for violations but we will look into the seller and if it is found that he/she is fraud then we will refund half of each total license sale for the reporter, block the sellers IP, and delete all of the seller’s listings. Since all transactions occur through PayPal, we are not responsible for wrongful payments although there shouldn’t be any. Since BareSamples is the platform, we will take 10% of every sale on site as stated in the upload form. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us using our contact page.